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How Tall Is The Eiffel Tower?

The Answer is: 1,063 feet tall, or 324 meters (taller than the Washington Monument).

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The Eiffel Tower is the tallest Structure in Paris, France. This structure has made the skyline of Paris and the overall experience of visiting the city everything that it is today. As of 2008, Paris was under a height restriction law, (similar to the one in Washington D.C.) which would not allow for a structure to be built over 37 meters (121 ft).  This law protected the skyline everyone has grown to love, allowing for the Tower to stand tall as the focal point of the beautiful cityscape. The only building (other than the Eiffel Tower) that surpasses this height restriction is the Tour Montparnasse. This skyscraper, utilized as office and commercial space, stands at 695 ft and is widely disliked by Parisians. The disdain for this building actually led to the height restrictions in Paris and forbid the building of any other sky scrapers. Click HERE to read more about Tour Montparnasse.

For a long time, the current mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, had been pushing for Paris to raise the height restrictions and in 2008 the city council voted to consider doing so. This angered many residents of the city, especially those belonging to the Green Party. Although there was great ridicule toward the proposed consideration, the city officially lifted the height ban in 2010. From what I could find, the initial lift changed height restrictions to a new height of 590 ft tall, however there are buildings currently being constructed in Paris that are over 1,000 ft (click HERE to learn more about them).

The Eiffel Tower. We all recognize it when we see it, and most of us hope to one day visit it in person (if we haven’t already).  I am sure that if one were to hurry and visit Paris today, the tower would still be greatly visible from many (if not most) city locations. Now it seems only inevitable that with time, the onward, ever incessant progress of man will change the skyline of the city and perhaps the Paris experience overall. Regardless of how tall the buildings are, I will still visit!

~ Amanda

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